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Interesting facts I bet you never knew about TECNO’s flagship project; the PHANTOM X smartphone Leave a comment

In the iOS world its literally a one man show with Apple’s iPhone as the order of the day. Windows is kind of not really in the smartphone software picture and that leaves us to ask about the other operating system…the Android family. Sure we can say we have Samsung and Huawei who are clearly leading the pack but who else is standing out from this overcrowded tech sector?

TECNO is my answer. The Chinese tech company has been hard at work trying to bridge the gap with other smartphone rivals by designing handsets that offer people the best experience possible by attending to their needs. A couple of hours ago the tech giant released the Phantom X smartphone, its latest addition to the Phantom Series. The series is arguably the best category of all TECNO smartphones owing to high performance features as compared to other models.

Yesterday’s release (1st July) was a global live event held virtually and it did have a couple of pointers here and there. I did a bit of homework as usual and compiled some useful information. 

 The Design Outlook

  1. A 6.7 inch 3D Borderless screen as you will notice extends beyond the left and right edges of the phone and has a bending angle of up to 70 degrees making texts and images blend seamlessly around the edges of the device.
  2.  90Hz (Hertz) refresh rate screen. The high refresh rate is my favorite feature of this device. This enables you to open apps very fast without having to wait for them to load and you can also perform multiple functions at a go and the phone wouldn’t slow down.
  3. Available in two classic colors of Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Monet’s Summer. Starry Night brings more of a dark blue sky-like color while Monet’s Summer is more of a warm color meaning the color is not too shouting/bright or dull.
  4. The 3D Borderless screen is also fitted with a unique arc design so the phone bends at an angle of 36.5 degrees on the edges to ensure a comfortable grip for your hands when holding & carrying the phone. No sharp edges anywhere. The screen is also scratch resistant. 
  5. Fitted with a glass cover (Gorilla Glass 5). Its a strong glass resistant to scratching and breaking.

The PHANTOM X has smooth round edges for a comfortable grip on your hands. Image: TECNO Mobile

High-Performance Camera

  1. 48MP Ultra Clear Selfie Camera with a Dual Flash enables you to catch every detail such clearer skin textures, sharper facial features which is ideal for both individual and group selfies. With an improved AI face recommendation algorithm. When multiple faces are detected, the selfie camera automatically recommends users to switch to Ultra-Wide shot mode so no one is left out in the photo. 
  2. An 8MP Ultra Wide Selfie camera. Ideal for when taking individual & group selfies because the camera widens the area of photo/video coverage and fits everything into a single image. Sort of like a Panorama picture.  
  3. A rear 50MP Ultra Large Camera with a 1/1.3 inch large sensor making is easy to shoot pics even at night or even in an environment with low levels of light.
  4. The third camera on the rear side is 13MP with 50mm (millimeter) professional portrait lenses to capture detailed potrait images with a short focal length. The lenses are designed to capture objects that are near the camera and focus clearly on a particular part of the image 
  5. Shoots 4K videos at 30fps and 60fps (frames per second).
  6. Super Night View 3.0. Night photography will never be a challenge again. Using the Ultra night sensor the Ultra Large camera is able to light up an image to make it more clear without interfering with the background or texture of the image.

Image: TECNO Mobile

 Battery Life performance:

  1. A 4700mAh battery with 33W fast charging ability. The battery level goes from 0-70% in 30 minutes and to 100% in 60 minutes. This one is quite impressive but maybe it’s one of those features that need a bit more improvement. By lowering the total charging time that would make it even better but nonetheless 0-100% in 60 minutes is quite good. On a full charge the phone can support 30 days of standby battery life.   

 Device storage:

  1. 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM. That’s roughly the storage size of a mini laptop although other companies have adopted this feature for their device nonetheless this feature remains cool & awesome in its own way. Nobody likes low storage capacity on their smartphones. Simple. Users can take numerous videos and photos, store multiple documents without the worry of having to input an external storage device for additional storage.   

CPU Performance: 

  1. Updated with the current Android 11 OS and HiOS 7.6 System Update.
  2. GPU (Graphics Processing Unit): Mali-G76MC4. 

 Additional features: 

  1. A 3D Face Lock and a Fingerprint sensor (at the side of the of the phone) allows you to unlock your phone at very quick speeds (less than a second). You’re able to access the data on your phone and go about you activities with no delay.
  2. An improved AI Voice Assistant that can transcribe/translate your instructions when speaking to more than 70 languages. It becomes much easier to communicate with people who speak different languages. This feature also works even when you’re offline.  
  3. Anti-theft function alerts that remotely lock your device in the event you accidentally lose your phone.
  4. 5G Network Enabled.
  5. Full Pixel Dual Core + Laser Focus. The camera lenses use an additional sensor to focus on distant objects even in dull/low light environment when taking a video or photo.
  6. Dual Sim Enabled.

From there on out its Bluetooth 5.0, WIFI connectivity, FM Radio and other normal additions you expect to have on any phone. There is a 12+1 month device warranty that comes with the PHANTOM X just like any other smartphone so this is more of a necessity than a feature. 

Comes in two colors: (Left) Van Gogh’s Starry Night Blue and Monet’s Summer (Right). Image: TECNO Mobile

Stephen Ha, TECNO’s General Manager prior to yesterday’s unveiling event mentioned that,  “We’re proud to introduce the all new PHANTOM X. It is an extraordinary beginning that encompasses TECNO’s vision, encapsulating and reframed for a new audience of more demanding customers.” PHANTOM X isn’t just an innovative high-end smartphone it empowers the modern day extra-ordinary individuals way of life being bold to reject the ordinary. Always strive for success and have the ambition to achieve new heights. Holding this spirit we aim to continually make breakthroughs in product and design innovations as we delivered through PHANTOM X.”

I am interested in seeing how the world reacts to this new device. Having had a look at the PHANTOM category over the years (starting with the PHANTOM Z in 2014). I strongly believe TECNO is steadily setting up the foundation for performing alongside the very best in the smartphone business. Only time can tell what the future has in store for this tech giant.

You can now get the TECNO PHANTOM X at Gadgetworld International

Prices for the TECNO PHANTOM X will range differently depending on the country you reside in. 

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