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Samsung Care+ is available on most Galaxy smartphones. … It is basically a comprehensive care service for Galaxy smartphone users. In India, the company has partnered up with Servify and it offers a range of benefits to safeguard the consumer’s Galaxy smartphones against any accidental, physical and liquid damage

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How and where to buy

Getting protected is easy. You can buy Samsung Care+ with your new Galaxy device or within 60 days of your device purchase date. Just choose one of the online or offline options below. If you purchase Samsung Care+ within sixty (60) days of the device purchase date, a 25-day waiting period will apply before you can request services under the plan but coverage begins on the date you purchase the plan.

1. Add Samsung Care+ to your order

From our, select the Samsung Care+ plan for your new Galaxy device and add it to your cart.

2. Complete your purchase

Navigate to the checkout page and purchase your Samsung Care+ plan.

3. Relax. You’re covered.

Once activated, you can enjoy your new Galaxy device to the fullest. Plus, check your plan status anytime on the Samsung Members App


Price for 1 itemKSh12,000
Samsung Care+ price* Service fee**
Galaxy Smartphones - Tier 3 $249 $99
Galaxy Smartphones - Tier 2 $199 $99
Galaxy Smartphones - Tier 1 $119 $59
Galaxy Tablet $99 $49
Galaxy Wearables - Tier 2 $99.99 $59
Galaxy Wearables - Tier 1 $69.99 $49
Galaxy Laptops - Tier 2 $379 $249
Galaxy Laptops - Tier 1 $279 $249


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