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Buy GadgetWorld International, Pay Flexible Installments

At Gadgetworld International, we believe that every Kenyan deserves to enjoy high-quality and affordable Gadgets. This is why we have revolutionalized the way our customers make purchase by introducing a flexible payment mode. Pay for what you want in convenient installments.

A Brief Overview of Each option

Before we get into the details of how to take advantage of each of the aforementioned product financing options, here’s a quick snapshot of what to expect from each of them:

Flexpay (Lipia Polepole)
0% interest for all purchases.
The maximum payment period is 90 days.We’ll deliver your MoKo product once you complete payments.
A minimum deposit of only 40% of the total amount is needed to get started.
CRB checks are not required.
The application process simply requires your full name, email address, phone number & your initial deposit (a minimum of Ksh. 500).
Loan limit is based on a personal choice of how much you can afford to settle within the stipulated 90 days.

Lipia Polepole (Flexpay) Payment Option

Now we move on to the part where we use our psychic powers to foresee questions you have on your mind regarding each of the two product financing options we’ve partnered with.

Flexpay allows you to pay for your product and collect it once you finish making payments.

😃Start with 40% minimum deposit.

😃Pay the rest within 90 days.

😃At 0% interest.

Okay, how do I get started?

There are two ways to reserve your dream MoKo item: via our website or using a USSD code.

  1. a) Via our website
  • Click on the product you’d like to buy (e.g. 5×6 MoKo mattress)
  • Choose the other particulars such as color, fabric type or mattress size.
  • Select the quantity you wish to buy, then click the Lipia Pole Pole button.
  • Enter your full name, contacts and initial deposit (minimum is 40% of total cost of Product).
  • Once you make a booking, you will receive a text message prompting you to process the stated deposit to the Mpesa till number 549505.

So what happens once I complete making payments?

Once you receive a message that you have settled the full amount for the reserved item, please contact us. One of our smiley customer care agents will verify this, place your order and help you to schedule a delivery. Pssst! We offer FREE delivery within Nairobi. (Sorry, we couldn’t help but scream out the free part.) Deliveries outside Nairobi incur an extra charge depending on the item and location.

Unless one of our customer care agents advises otherwise, you can expect to be united with your genuine product within 24 – 48 hours upon confirmation of full payment. For sofas, production will begin immediately full payment is verified and you will receive your new cozy sofa within 1 to 2 weeks.

And can I get a refund?

Absolutely. You can contact us to cancel your reservation at any point and request a refund. Please note that all refunds are processed on the 30th of every month. You’ll also be charged a 7% facilitation fee.

Yay, now how do I shop?

At this point, a Gadgetworld International agent will get in touch to place your order and organize the delivery of your product. You will start paying convenient monthly installments 30 days starting the date you ordered.

Kindly write to Lipa later through payments@lipalater.co.ke for assistance or call them on 0709684000.

There it is folks! That is our product financing option that we have to help you enjoy Gadgets at Gadgetworld International at affordable and convenient rates.

Hold up, are there any hidden fees in any of these options?

Definitely not. All the charges you’ll incur are well stipulated in the sections above.

Do I qualify for the warranty?

Totally! Regardless of the payment option you choose, every gadget lies within its’ stipulated warranty period

Cool, take me to your shop now.

Finally😃! We thought you’d never ask. Select any of the following product categories to start shopping: