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20 Best Tips And Tricks For Your iPhone 12 And 12 Pro – Full Power to You Leave a comment

Tips to gain full power over your iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

1. Smart Measure Party Trick

The iPhone 12 Pro variants feature a LiDAR sensor at the rear which aids in better portrait shots, night photography. But that not all, the sensor can help in measuring the length of the objects like a measuring tape to calculate the distance.

You can use the pre-installed measure app to use this trick, the best implementation is to measure someone’s height or measuring room dimensions by using this app and taking advantage of the LiDAR sensor.

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2. Turn On Dark Mode

Although the dark mode is nothing new on iPhone 12, it was introduced last year on the iPhone 11 series with the announcement of iOS 13. But this year the dark mode comes in handy as all the iPhone 12 series feature a Super Retina XDR OLED display. And the dark mode can save a lot of battery taking advantage of the OLED display by turning off the dark pixels.

The dark mode makes more sense now as almost all most common apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc have a dark mode. And enabling a dark mode on iOS under “Display & Brightness” can enable a global dark mode.

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3. Back Tap custom controls

The new iPhone 12 features an interesting accessibility shortcut where you can simply double/triple tap on the back of your iPhone to enable custom shortcuts or actions. To enable this feature:

  • Head over to Settings > Accessibility
  • Tap “Touch” under “Physical And Motor”
  • Scroll to the bottom and select Back Tap
  • Tap Double Tap or Triple Tap to pick an action

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4. Record Dolby Vision Videos

If you are a videographer then a smartphone capable enough to capture videos in Dolby Vision is a big deal. To enable Dolby Vision you just need to head over to camera settings and enable it under “Record Video” section and toggle HDR Video.

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5. Set up reachability mode on


With the introduction of large-screen iPhones, Apple also introduced something called Reachability to help people make full use of the large screen even with one hand. The reachability feature comes in handy especially for the iPhone 12 Pro Max with that large 6.7 inches display it becomes impossible to reach the whole display with one hand.

This feature made it easier for users to reach the content on the top of the screen as Reachability brings items from the top of the screen to the lower half of the screen. 

Here is how to setup up Reachability on your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Accessibility 
  • Select Touch
  • Turn Reachability ON by clicking the toggle

After setting it up, touch on the gesture area at the bottom of the display panel of your device.

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6. Get MagSafe Accessories

Magsafe is the new most convenient and more efficient variation of wireless charging technology that Apple has implemented on the new iPhone 12 series. The rear of the iPhone 12 series house a series of magnets that make the Magsafe accessories like the Magsafe charger, cases, MagSafe wallets and more at the back of iPhone using magnets.

The MagSafe charger is the most interesting product as without plugging any cable you can charge your iPhone using a wireless charger that sticks at the back of your iPhone. This even works with a case on your iPhone provided you are using MagSafe compatible cases. Buy now at https://sky.garden/product/P3w6tqGo

7. Purchase a 20W power adapter if you already don’t have one

20W power adpater

Apple has recently announced that the company won’t be supplying power adapter in-box with its device, including iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. However, your iPhone will come with a Lightning to USB-C cable for fast charging. So, make sure you are making most of it by using a 20W power adapter, not the old 5-10W chargers. 

This 20W charger can charge your phone at 4x the speed and cost Rs. 1900.

8. Capture low light photos 

low light photos

Apple made a big leap in the camera department with the iPhone 11 series and the iPhone 12 series takes this to the next level. Last year’s iPhone was only capable to capture Night mode photographs with the primary camera and not with any other camera.

But the iPhone 12 can capture night mode pictures with the Ultra-wide lens as well. So, don’t shy away from clicking photos in low-light scenarios with your new iPhone. The wide-angle camera is capable of capturing 27% more light than the iPhone 11 series. Hence, the photos clicked by the new iPhones are way better than their predecessors.

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9. Hide Personal Photos

Image Credits: imore

Your smartphone is your most personal asset and your photos are something that not everyone should be allowed to view. In the new iPhone 12, there is a way using which you can hide some of your photos that you select and these photos move to a separate hidden album. To hide your photos Launch the “Photos” app on your iPhone and click on “Select” at the top right and select all the photos that you wish to hide. Now click on “Share” button at the bottom right and select “Hide” from the menu. All these photos are moved to an album named “Hidden” in the albums section.

You can even go ahead ad hide this “hidden” album from the album section. To do so go to Settings > Photos and here scroll down to Hidden Album and click on the toggle next to this to disable this.

10. Shoot videos faster using Quick Take

Image Credits: imore

Quick Take is an excellent feature on the new iPhone 12 series. It becomes even more useful when you want to capture a quick video as you don’t have to fumble around and switch to Video mode on your device. On the contrary, you just need to hold the shutter icon to access Quick Take to start video recording instantly.

Once you press it will start recording and in case you want to switch to regular video recording, just swipe your finger to the right and it will keep recording video once you release the shutter button.

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11. FaceTime calls at 1080p using 5G

The latest iPhones are the first iPhones with which you can make FaceTime video calls in 1080p HD. To do so, stick to the following steps: Settings> Cellular> Data Mode and then Allow More Data on 5G. After that, you will be able to FaceTime in HD over 5G. You always have an option to make HD calls over a Wi-Fi connection. 

Although 5G is not available in India, once the 5G is available in India this feature can come in handy enabling HD Facetime calls over mobile data.

12. Use AirPlay to stream HDR content on you Apple TV.


In case you either own a second-generation Apple TV or a smart TV with AirPlay capabilities, you can stream HDR content using your new iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro.

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13. Waking up SOS feature

SOS feature

Apple iPhones come with an Emergency SOS feature to call emergency services. If you press and hold the Side button + either volume button, a countdown will be with an alert sound. And if you continue pressing the buttons till the countdown is not over, your new iPhone will automatically try to reach your local emergency services. 

14. Voice Control your Smartphone using Siri

Siri is the voice assistant that Apple provides on its devices. This feature has risen in popularity in the last few years. And you should also take full advantage of this feature. With the iPhone 12, you can simply control your device by commanding Siri to do any actions for you.

You just need to press and hold the Side button. Alternatively, you can also set up and say, “Hey Siri, turn on Voice Control.” With this, a special voice control mode will be enabled. You can then ask Siri to select any option displayed on the screen, in case you are not sure what’s on the screen you can ask Siri to “Show Numbers” or “Show Names” and this will show an overlay tags for each item on the screen.

To enable Voice Control you need to head over to Settings and select Accessibility. Now select Voice Control, then select Set up Voice Control. A download will begin in the background and once the download is complete you are ready to go.

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15. Sound Recognition

Another interesting accessibility feature on the iPhone 12 is the sound recognition features that can identify environmental sounds in the background. As soon as any recognized sound such as fire alarms, animals, household sounds, running water, door knock, and people is identified it throws a notification.

This feature comes in handy to identify low heard alarms such as smoke alarm, or identifying a knock on the door when you are busy working out with your headphone on.

To enable this features:

  • Head on to Setting > Accessibility
  • Swipe to the bottom and tap “Sound Recognition”
  • Select the type of sounds that you would like to recognize

16. Creating Smart HomeScreen widget

The iPhone 12 comes preinstalled with iOS 14 and home screen widgets were something that was introduced along with iOS 14. We have widgets for a few apps such as stocks, Spotify, weather, and more. But one of the widgets is a smart stack that consists of multiple widgets and shows the most relevant one according to the user’s behavior.

For example, as soon as you connect Bluetooth earphones, it shall show the widget to start listening to music on Spotify. And when you are travelling it shall start showing the Maps widget.

To create a Smart Stack widget:

  • Long press on your iPhone’s screen to edit your home screen
  • Now scroll down the widgets list and select Smart Stack
  • Tap Smart Stack to create the widget.
  • Select the size of the Smart Stack widget
  • Tap “+ Add Widget” The Smart Stack will be placed automatically on the screen.

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17. Connect Playstation Controller with iPhone 12

With the introduction of the Apple Arcade, Apple seems to be serious about gaming on the iPhone. To unlock the gaming potential of the iPhone 12, you can connect your existing Playsation 4/5 or XBOX controllers to play gaming.

To connect a Playstation controller:

  • Settings > Bluetooth
  • Press and hold the PlayStation button and share button at the same time on the Playstation controller
  • In the Bluetooth, list look for “DualShock 4 Wireless Controller” and select it.

18. Create Shortcuts

Top 8 Siri Shortcuts – How They Work

With the pre-installed Shortcuts app, you can create a set of predefined tasks, actions, and a conditional set of instructions. These shortcuts can save you a lot of time and can perform actions such as your iPhone can be switched to battery saving mode as soon as the battery hits a predefined percentage.

To Create a shortcut:

  • Open the Shortcuts App
  • Click on My Shortcuts and click on “+ Add Action
  • Now a list of actions appears, select the action from the list that you would like to perform. You can add multiple actions by again clicking on “+ Add Action”
  • When you’ve finished adding actions to your workflow, click Next and give a name to the shortcut.
  • And its done a shortcut is ready.

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19. Automatic Language Translation

The new translate app on the iPhone 12 can translate 11 languages and can come in handy to make a conversation with someone who speaks a different language. You can use the microphone feature and click on it to record a voice and then the app shall translate it to your desired language instantly. There’s also a conversation mode that allows you to chat back and forth translating texts on to go.

20. Custom App Icons

With the new iOS 14 on the iPhone 12 series, you can customize the app icon of all the apps on the home screen. To do so:

  • Install the app Moloko from App Store.
  • Open the app and have a look at the bunch of icon packs that are available.
  • Click on download to save the file on your iPhone. Make sure to use the Safari browser to download this file.
  • Now click on Allow to download the file.
  • A popup will appear stating “Profile Downloaded”
  • Now go to Settings > General > Profile
  • Here you shall see a profile downloaded with the name of the theme package.
  • Now click on the profile and click on Install at the top right corner.
  • Now you have the theme installed on the device and you can now see the new app icons.

Highlights of the Story

  • Both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro come loaded with the latest iOS 14 as well as the A14 Bionic processor.
  • iPhone 12 and 12 Pro features a new feature called back the tap, which allows users to take a screenshot by tapping at the back.
  • Apple has introduced a Smart Data Mode to automatically switch between 4G and 5G data to prolong battery life.
  • Here are all the hidden tips and tricks for iPhone 12 series

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